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How to Leverage Email Marketing To Boost
Customer Relationships

In the 1960s, business executives marveled at their new organization tool – the Rolodex. This clever contraption made it easy to find an associate’s or customer’s phone number and add or delete contacts in just a few minutes, spinning cards around on its wheel alphabetically. The Rolodex became an essential tool for communication, taking us through the next two decades and into the computer era.
Best Practices For Email Marketing Design and Content
You need to implement an email marketing campaign to stay connected with current and prospective customers, yet you have no idea where to begin. Consumers are more savvy and selective about which emails they read, and email deliverability continues to be a challenge for legitimate email marketers. Campaign performance and success mandates professional design or content practices.
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June at a Glance »
Google Gives Developers Click-to-Call Ad Option
AdWeek — The Google vs. Apple battle for mobile dominance is being waged on many fronts, with each providing ways for developers to monetize their applications. Read on to find out more about how Google’s latest Click-to-Call ads will work.
The Death Of CPM, The Birth Of CRM Media Planning
Online Metrics Insider — No doubt, cost per thousand (CPM) had a great run. As a common method for measuring media reach, it helped place billions upon billions of ads. But with advertisers now focusing on audience relevance rather than size, CPMs days may be numbered.
Metrics and Dimensions and Reports — Oh My!
Omniture Blog — It’s concerning that as we open up a flood gate of new metrics - both meaningful and useless - many people still don’t have a firm understanding of the differences between metrics, KPIs, dimensions, and reports in the existing web analytics world. Enough is enough - it’s time to tighten the screws. Are you with me?
Study: Consumers Creeped Out by Some Big, Targeted Ads
Advertising Age — Ads targeted at a particular context -- car ads on automotive sites, for example -- are a staple of online advertising. It's presumed that the more closely an ad matches a person's interest, the more likely that person is to click and buy. And it couldn't hurt if the ad is big. A recent study conducted by two marketing professors, however, suggests otherwise.
What’s Brewing In Google Labs To Help With Your Search
Engine Marketing?

Search Marketing Standard — Exploring and innovating is all part of the Google experience – Google Labs is a hub of virtual experiments and exploration, with ideas coined from Google staff around the world. Some of these projects will never be more than a limited edition run while others will go on to become mainstream Google properties, enjoyed by millions. Check out Search Marketing Standard’s list of Google applications that could streamline your Search Engine Marketing.
Who 's The TV King? Nielsen Says It ISN'T Content — For
Now, Anyway

TV Watch — This “myth-busting” article from Mediapost’s TV Watch blog takes a fresh look at how, despite the growing availability of online media content, TV still reigns as the preferred method of media consumption.

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